dogs, beaches , forests, boats and buses. Santarem.... and Alter do Chao (you'll have to wait for Altamira, Manaus, Tefe, Leticia, and... Peru!)

  For a person who doesn’t make any plans day to day, my days are absolutely full, and up to today the only time I've had properly as Rest  Times are the 2 day or 4 day boat trips or the overnight buses....  Today I am in Yurimaguas in Peru, somewhere between Iquitos and Lima.  I arrived on a boat this morning at 10 am and the bus to Lima goes at 4 am tomorrow morning, so I am having an enforced rest day - and it's wonderful!  Finally having time to add the pix to this blog that I wrote about a week ago, sat around scrolling through my phone, went on a tiny walk round the town which, by the way, had more icrecream shops in the course of a ten minute walk than I'd ever seen before... it wasn't my icrecream day but I felt it would be rude not to try one.  And I also bought some very sweet necklaces (the blue beads will go perfectly with my blue beach dress when I'm dressing it up, and the others are just very lovely...)  In most of the towns I’ve been in, there’s

Sao Luis to Santarem... boats, drums, dance, 10,000 views of an Instagram reel, indigenous benches, language, and not getting locked in a toilet!

  I AM IN AMAZONIA!!!!  Today it’s 12 th May – Mother’s Day... I’m on a fast boat (ie 2 days not 6 days) from Manaus to Tabatinga, and have just been given a sweet little ‘mother’s day’ presentation pack by the staff. And although I’m publishing this blog mid May, I think I’m going to do two or three entries covering the   month since my last entry   because there’s been a lot going on.   This one will take us up to arriving in Santarem... then there’ll be one covering three days in Altamira... and another about Santarem. Alter da Chao and Manaus. And hopefully I’ll manage to get them all done soon.     Long boat journeys are great places to get blogs done.   My problem as I’ve written before is that I’d far rather be doing something active – visiting another exhibition, meeting another person, chatting to new strangers – than sitting still writing.   But here is a perfect situation – speeding down the Solimoes river to Tabatinga with nothing else I can possibly do except drink th